Date Night on a Wedding Budget

One challenge many couples face, yet few talk about is while budgeting for the wedding it can actually be hard to enjoy a traditional date night. If you are the couple who enjoys going out on the town, this can be frustrating to adjust to. But there are some things you can do to make date night special – without breaking your wedding day budget. Don’t miss out on date night, try a few of our tips for a fun & romantic time!

The secret is in the planning. When your budget for date night is cut by a half or even two thirds, you know you wont be able to enjoy some of the things you are used to doing all the time. But the secret to having a fun & romantic time is in the planning. It is easy to say “I don’t have the time to plan” when you know you are busy with work, wedding planning and family obligations – but you deserve a fun date night. Once you get into the routine of planning date night, it will get easier and easier to do.

Sign up for Groupon, LivingSocial & other “deals” sites in your area.
While not every deal is going to appeal to you, sometimes you’ll find a deal that is perfect for a fun date night. If you are the couple who loves to try new restaurants or activities, this is especially a great choice for you. Ask friends and family if there are deals sites they recommend, and check in with each other if you have deals you have not cashed in. It might surprise you, but some actually buy the deals and then don’t go to the restaurant or for the couples’ massage. Your friends and family might be happy to give you deals – or have you buy them off them – when they would otherwise go to waste.

Look into your dating history for fun dates.
For most of us, some of our best dates were not the most glamorous, but were ones where we really connected with each other. That picnic in the park or barbecue over the weekend with friends. Try to relieve some of your best dates, going on another picnic or holding a barbecue with some of the same friends and inviting new ones.

Some couples like to try new things and others like to do favorite activities again and again.
Figuring out what you like best will help you plan the best dates. Talk to your sweetie about what you want to do on date night, and try to plan a few in advance. Consider having him plan one and then she plans one. Work with your personalities, if you are the competitive types then challenge each other to stick to a budget of $100 (or another budget) and the person with the best date wins. Or plan dates with activity challenges, like participating in 5k’s or other fun events.

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