Date Night on a Wedding Budget

One challenge many couples face, yet few talk about is while budgeting for the wedding it can actually be hard to enjoy a traditional date night. If you are the couple who enjoys going out on the town, this can be frustrating to adjust to. But there are some things you can do to make date night special – without breaking your wedding day budget. Don’t miss out on date night, try a few of our tips for a fun & romantic time!

The secret is in the planning. When your budget for date night is cut by a half or even two thirds, you know you wont be able to enjoy some of the things you are used to doing all the time. But the secret to having a fun & romantic time is in the planning. It is easy to say “I don’t have the time to plan” when you know you are busy with work, wedding planning and family obligations – but you deserve a fun date night. Once you get into the routine of planning date night, it will get easier and easier to do.

Sign up for Groupon, LivingSocial & other “deals” sites in your area.
While not every deal is going to appeal to you, sometimes you’ll find a deal that is perfect for a fun date night. If you are the couple who loves to try new restaurants or activities, this is especially a great choice for you. Ask friends and family if there are deals sites they recommend, and check in with each other if you have deals you have not cashed in. It might surprise you, but some actually buy the deals and then don’t go to the restaurant or for the couples’ massage. Your friends and family might be happy to give you deals – or have you buy them off them – when they would otherwise go to waste.

Look into your dating history for fun dates.
For most of us, some of our best dates were not the most glamorous, but were ones where we really connected with each other. That picnic in the park or barbecue over the weekend with friends. Try to relieve some of your best dates, going on another picnic or holding a barbecue with some of the same friends and inviting new ones.

Some couples like to try new things and others like to do favorite activities again and again.
Figuring out what you like best will help you plan the best dates. Talk to your sweetie about what you want to do on date night, and try to plan a few in advance. Consider having him plan one and then she plans one. Work with your personalities, if you are the competitive types then challenge each other to stick to a budget of $100 (or another budget) and the person with the best date wins. Or plan dates with activity challenges, like participating in 5k’s or other fun events.

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Looking at Kim & Jose’s wedding invitations, you can see they are a combination of both vintage and modern styles. Just as marriage brings two people together, Kim & Jose wanted their wedding invitations to have an Art Deco style but to be both vintage and also modern. They were wed in Miami and wanted wedding invitations that complimented their wedding theme and style of their celebration.

This vintage Art Deco style is a favorite wedding trend for 2013. Couples are choosing this wedding trend because it is both elegant and romantic. It offers a touch of old fashioned glamor but also speaks to today’s sophistication. “The Jazz Age” of the 1920′s was a time when many enjoyed parties and entertaining, and nothing was more beautiful than a wedding.

Its easy to understand why couples would want to blend both vintage and modern styles if they can. There are many beautiful design styles that are vintage, but speak better to today’s couple with a few modern “tweaks.”

Every couple can customize their wedding invitations this way, using both vintage and modern touches. Here are a few suggestions to add modern appeal to lovely vintage style:

Update the color palate.
Many brides notice the colors go “in” and “out” of style in beauty, fashion & home trends. To modernize a vintage look, consider updating some of the colors in your wedding invitations.

Change the images.
Vintage images are charming, but sometimes they don’t speak to our modern world. I can look at vintage images you like and create a similar image with an updated look.

Rewrite the language.
Wedding invitations for today’s couples are often worded differently than they were for brides in years gone by. Even slightly changing the language can make your wedding invitations look more updated.

Less is more.
Just as Kim & Jose chose a sleek & elegant look, many couples prefer an uncluttered look to their wedding invitation. Design styles have changed over the years and wedding invitations created now have more “white space” so guests can enjoy the design, not feel that images and words are too crowded on an invitation.

After that dreamy moment the sparkly ring is placed on  your finger, the bride’s thoughts begin to turn to the guest list. What may surprise many brides is just how challenging it is to complete this task with your sweetie. You know you want to invite friends and family…but who exactly should or should not be invited? And what happens if you and your fiancé don’t completely agree on the topic of the guest list? Fear not dear brides, you can actually create a guest list without (too many) tears!

Start with your budget.
It is far easier for every couple to create a realistic guest list when you begin by looking at your budget. The budget will determine how large a reception and what type of wedding you can create. Some couples choose to have a less grand wedding so they can invite more guests. Other couples with a smaller guest list – or who are willing to make more cuts – decide to have a more lavish wedding. There is no “perfect” choice we can recommend because every couple is different.

A good rule of thumb: consider the “three year” mark.
For most guests that are put on your list, if you haven’t seen them within three years, then they probably shouldn’t be on your list. Some brides or couples dream of inviting “everyone” to their wedding, including distant cousins and grade school friends, but as they plan the wedding this becomes far more challenging than they first realized. So if you haven’t seen that friend or family member in about three years, consider them a possible guest you can drop from your “must invite” list.

“But what do you do about family and friends who always invite you, and you don’t have the budget to invite them to your wedding?”

Now this is a very sticky situation, and there is the chance for hurt feelings. The best tactic to handle this is the truth, and those who care about you will understand. Planning a wedding in today’s time is quite costly, and more couples face this than you might realize. Call each family member or friend personally to explain the situation. Another great solution? Make plans to see them for dinner or something else when you get back from your honeymoon. What matters most to our loved ones is that we spend time with them.

“What do you do when one of you wants to invite guests or doesn’t want to invite them?”

Remember that negotiating your guest list with your fiancé is good practice for marriage, a relationship that often involves compromise. Try to meet each other in the middle as often as you can with your negotiations for the guest list. You may have to cut people from the guest list you wanted to invite, and so may he. Or you may have to remove funds from your budget for flowers to pay for a few extra guests that you simply “must” invite. Compromise is the key to a guest list created without tears!

DIY Custom Wedding Program Fan - Starfish and Sand Dollars Customized Printable PDF

Want to add a little something extra to your destination beach wedding or outdoor wedding? Try Custom Wedding Program Fans!

This DIY project is a breeze, letting you share the wedding program with your guests in a fun way. And it is a budget friendly wedding project since you can control the supply costs of printing and assembling them yourself – I am also just an email away if you have a question or two!

There’s nothing more lovely than enjoying a beautiful outdoor wedding. But one of the biggest challenges brides face is the weather. Even a beautiful sunny day can actually be a little too sunny and guests can feel like they are melting in the heat waiting for the happy couple to say their vows. Offering fans is very thoughtful to your guests and also looks pretty in your wedding photos and videos.

This DIY project can be customized to your wedding colors. I also offer coordinating pieces to coordinate for your wedding day and up-to-the event. While this project is a DIY one, I can also print and assemble them for you if you wish, paper options are available including Linen cardstock, Felt cardstock, Cotton cardstock and Metallic cardstock.

For more information, visit:

Welcome Gift Bag via Martha Stewart Weddings

A custom water label is a great addition for destination weddings along a sandy beach, beach weddings or outdoor weddings. Whether your wedding features an old fashioned southern BBQ or a Hawaiian Luau, having personalized bottles of water is a great detail to add and offer to your guests. Adding personalized bottles of water is also a perfect choice for your welcome gift bags for out-of-town guests staying at a nearby hotel or resort.

A few personalized items in your welcome gift bag add a special touch that so many of your guests will enjoy. A custom water label is a fun, healthy and refreshing wedding detail that your guests will remember.

Add your wedding date and names to one of SMD’s pre-designed labels to create your own custom creation. Want to add your wedding monogram of a photo of the two of you?  Just let me know and I can create a personal design for you as well!

Including personalized water bottles to celebrate your wedding is both practical and fun, and they will appreciate this thoughtful detail. Whether they use the water bottle during their visit for your wedding, on their trip home or even as they get back home, it will put a smile to their face thinking about you and your Big Day.

Custom Water Bottle Labels

Need more ideas of what to include in your wedding welcome bags? Try these!

- Itinerary card
- Sunscreen
- Chapstick
- Travel size Advil or Tylenol
- Travel pack of handiwipes and/or Purell
- Local snacks or candy
- Small toys for children
- Local souvenirs/keepsake to remember your wedding

For more information on custom water labels, visit: