Step 1: Pick a pocket

With the variety of styles and designs available the possibilies are endless when choosing the right pocketfold. So what exactly is the difference between pocketfolds, gatefolds, and petal folds?

Pocketfold: A pocket fold is simply a folder with pockets! But this term has been used as a general term to describe pocketfolds as a whole. Pocketfold invitations have been around for awhile and are the most popular if you want to give your guests as much information as you can because they can hold up to 4 insert cards! These work best for destination weddings since you can include travel and accommodation information on multiple insert cards.

Gatefold: A Gatefold is a card with a single fold that folds out like you are opening a gate. This style has been increasingly popular, especially with laser cur designs cut into the gate. They are equally beautiful, practical, and budget friendly.

Petalfold: The petal fold invitation is a unique pocketfold that has four flaps that fold out like a flower to reveal your invitation inside.

Product photo links:
1. Turquoise and Silver Beach Sea Shell Invitation Pocketfold Suite for Destination Wedding – RSVP Card, 2 Insert Cards, Seal, plus Envelopes

2. Gold and Black Glitter Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Suite for Vintage Wedding – Laser Cut Pocket, Insert Card, RSVP, and Envelopes

3. Glitter Gold Lace Petal Fold Wedding Invitation Suite for Vintage Wedding – Laser Cut Pocket Fold, Insert Card, RSVP Card, and Envelopes

Step 2: Add a paper backer

Paper backers are a great way to display more color in your invitation suite. Most couples use multiple colors in their wedding theme and this is a great way to add additional pops of color. Want something that really stands out? Why not add a glitter paper backer!

Step 3: Insert cards and what to include

Along with your invitation card and RSVP card, insert cards are essential for giving your guests important wedding information. Especially if you have guests coming in from out of town! Use an additional insert card to give your guests an easy way to get information on hotel room blocks or even directions to your venue.

Step 4: Accessorize it!

Who doesn’t love accessories? Additional accessories can give your invitation more character and pump up the wow factor! Here are a few suggestions to think about when accessorizing your invitations:

Belly bands: Translucent belly bands with your names, date, or monogram printed on it is a great way to add that finishing touch to your invitation.

Ribbon or twine: Using a satin colored ribbon to tie around your invitation gives it a nice elegant finish. For a modern vintage look try tying twine around your invitation.

Crystal buckles: Who dosen’t love more bling? If bling is your thing then definitely add a crystal buckle for added sparkle.

Envelope Liners: Add some sparkle as soon as your guests open up their envelopes with glitter envelope liners.

Product photo links:
1. Vintage Black Glitter Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Suite for Antique Wedding – Laser Cut Pocket Fold, Insert Card, RSVP Card, Envelopes

Things to think about:

Envelope colors: Using multiple colors in your wedding theme? Coordinating colored envelopes are a perfect way to unite your theme.

Envelope printing: Not using a calligrapher or you would rather not address each envelope? Then have your envelopes pre-printed with your return address on the mailing envelope and RSVP envelope. This method saves so much time and will elevate the look of your suite.

Paper/Card stock options: The cardstock you use to print your invitation and insert cards say a lot about your wedding. Having a vintage or rustic themed wedding? Then consider printing on kraft or linen cardstock to give it that worn in feel. Having an elegant upscale wedding? Then print on a shimmer cardstock to add another level of sophistication to your invitation.

Remember, whatever options you choose for your wedding invitation will be the first impression your guests will see of your upcoming wedding. Be sure to set the tone of your wedding by choosing an invitation that fits with your personalities and theme of your big day!


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