DIY Custom Wedding Program Fan - Starfish and Sand Dollars Customized Printable PDF

Want to add a little something extra to your destination beach wedding or outdoor wedding? Try Custom Wedding Program Fans!

This DIY project is a breeze, letting you share the wedding program with your guests in a fun way. And it is a budget friendly wedding project since you can control the supply costs of printing and assembling them yourself – I am also just an email away if you have a question or two!

There’s nothing more lovely than enjoying a beautiful outdoor wedding. But one of the biggest challenges brides face is the weather. Even a beautiful sunny day can actually be a little too sunny and guests can feel like they are melting in the heat waiting for the happy couple to say their vows. Offering fans is very thoughtful to your guests and also looks pretty in your wedding photos and videos.

This DIY project can be customized to your wedding colors. I also offer coordinating pieces to coordinate for your wedding day and up-to-the event. While this project is a DIY one, I can also print and assemble them for you if you wish, paper options are available including Linen cardstock, Felt cardstock, Cotton cardstock and Metallic cardstock.

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