Psst! Are you a trendsetting bride? Some brides love to know what  the newest, most exciting and fun wedding trends are. Well we have a treat for you: some of the very best wedding theme trends for 2013. Try our tips to add these new trends into your wedding!

Some brides may think they need to “do” their entire wedding using a trend or a theme – not so! Get inspired by these great wedding trends to add fun elements to your current plans. A few touches here and there could be ideal for your ceremony, letting guests enjoy it all.

Trend #1: The 1920’s.
The 1920’s has long been known as a glamorous time. “The Jazz Age” with dancing and beautiful music. Women’s dresses so elegant with long silhouettes and stunning jewelry. And those flappers! Add a few touches of 1920’s glamor to your wedding with jewelry inspired by this time. Or include some beautiful music or Art Deco themed wedding invitations.  Wedding dresses inspired by this time are body conscious silhouettes ideal for the slim figure, with delicate bead work. This is a lovely, very feminine decade to select as a wedding theme, certainly one to inspire romance.

Trend #2: Mint and Rainbow Sherbert.
At first glance, these sound like yummy ice cream flavors we’d love to order on a hot summer day. And as wedding trends, they are just as tempting. Mint is cool and elegant, the perfect accent color for just about every season. It easily compliments your flowers and decor. Bridesmaids dresses can be ordered in this lovely light green shade. Mint was quite popular in the 1950’s and seems to be having a true revival.

Rainbow too, is a vibrant wedding trend to embrace. You’ll especially see this wedding trend with couples who have large wedding parties, so they can easily span the entire spectrum of the rainbow and all of its beautiful colors. Don’t think you have to dress everyone – from head to toe – entirely in super bright shades to make this trend work perfectly for you. A few vibrant accents, lovely flowers or silk ties on the groomsmen will easily show this trend in your wedding. Today’s bride has an easy time using the rainbow trend with decor items and linens available – literally – in a rainbow of colors. You can get that perfect color and perfect shade that you adore. So whether you want to do a bright, subtle or pastel rainbow, your dreams can come true with this wedding trend!

Trend #3: Birds.
Many couples are embracing this charming wedding trend. What could be more lovely than birds, an easy symbol for “lovebirds”? Many weddings now have outdoor elements and adding birds to your theme can be a romantic touch. Whether you are getting married at a local botanical garden, vineyard or your parents’ backyard, these sweet birds will bless your nuptials, everyone can imagine them singing quite happily as you exchange your vows!


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