Once that sparkly ring is on your finger, a bride’s mind turns to wedding planning. And there is so much to do! So let’s talk about ordering wedding invitations!

Brides should plan for 3 to 5 weeks from start to finish to receive your wedding invitations. If you are an international bride (outside the U.S.A.), customs can sometimes delay the shipping process so please add about 2-4 weeks to this time frame.

“But I’ve talked to you and we’ve decided on the invitations. Why does it take a few weeks?” the Hurry-Up bride might ask (and we can understand that!)

After your initial consultation, the wheels start to turn to create beautiful wedding invitations just for you. Once you have said “Yes” to your final proof, it is sent off to the printer. For some brides this can be a 2 week process, for others it can be up to a 5 week process.

“But I need my invitations quickly. Is there anything I can do?” the Hurry-Up bride might ask (and we understand that too!)

Try these tips to hurry your invitations along. They work!

Respond to our emails quickly.
When we send you a proof or a question about a design, let us know what you think. The difference between responding that day vs. responding in a few days can help a lot.

Bring a few ideas to your wedding invitation consultation.
Email images Sheila Mari Design to help the inspiration process to create the best wedding invitations for you.

Gather quick responses.
When you ask family and friends to look at a wedding invitation proof to get their opinion, remind them the quicker you respond, the quicker you’ll have the wedding invitations done!

Ready to get started? Contact me for a quote on your wedding invitations and let’s get started!

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