Are you an October bride? Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons to have a wedding. Its bright and colorful. As a bride you are fortunate to be surrounded by natural beauty during this season, something some fall brides simply don’t think about. Let’s talk about the Treats in store for October brides:

Fall Wedding Inspiration. Photos by Martha Stewart Weddings

Gourds and pumpkins, oh my!
These aren’t just bright orange, you can find them in a variety of colors. Martha Stewart surprised many years ago with a lovely white pumpkin and today there are more colorful gourds and pumpkins easily available at most gardening stores where you can find gourds and pumpkins. Some like to carve a hole for a candle, so the gourd or pumpkin illuminates the table as a centerpiece. Others prefer to use them solo for their natural beauty. Group the tiny ones together and they work together as a charming centerpiece or arrangement.

Fall leaves.
Don’t think of fall leaves as simply another outdoor chore to tick off your Honey Do list. They actually can offer beautiful decor for your October wedding. Especially in the North and Northeast, you’ll find the color really “pops” in the fall leaves, turning the leaves bright red, orange, gold and yellow. They can accent a centerpiece or decorate in other ways, even be added to your bouquet.

They are not only delicious but can also offer charming decor for October weddings, especially with a “country” or rustic style. Remember that children will be tempted to bite into them, so don’t treat the apples with anything that would prohibit them from being eaten, or put a sign up to warn parents that apples should not be eaten! Apples grouped together or even floating in water with tea lights make a beautiful centerpiece. Bright and colorful, they easily say fall to everyone.

Some tips for working with natural items:

1. Store them in cold temperatures until they will be used.
Especially fall items need to be kept crisp and cool. Warmer temperatures may cause them to get soft or even to rot and start to smell.

2. Get a little extra when using natural items.
Not everything from the outdoors will always look picture perfect. You may want to replace a gourd or two at the last minute. Having a few extra will give you peace of mind.

3. Plan for after the wedding.
All the items mentioned above can be composted, untreated apples in most cases can be eaten. Be kind to the earth and make plans for items to be composted, your local gardening center will appreciate the contribution!

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